My name is Symeon Mattes and "smattes.com" is my personal blog which I hope you will enjoy.

I was born in Greece in Athens in 1980 and currently I'm living in Southampton, in the UK, where I'm doing a PhD, in Audio Engineering in ISVR. I have studied Electronic Engineering in the Technological Institute of Athens and Electrical and Computer Engineering in the National Technical University of Athens (BSc, MSc). Although my main background is engineering, I have also studied classical music, both theory and the piano in the Ethniko Odeio of Athens, where I have taken my diploma in classical piano, harmony and counterpoint. At some point in my life I did also some classical singing, but just for fun.

I speek English and German and I started recently Frence, but I think the way is still long. I speak also PHP, Python, XSLT, XML, Haskel, Lisp, ML, C, C++, VB.NET, AdaJava, Javascript, HTML, CSS, MySQ, Matlab, LaTeX and some other geeky languages, but because they are not considered cool in humanitarian desciplines I just say that I know some programming.

I have different hobies, like playing chess, swimming, cycling, and I like reading poetry although I don't have currently much time for that. I dislike smoking and I'm trying to avoid people that smoke although I might like to be with them, unless I have an oxygen mask, ok...nobody is perfect, and I really enjoy learning new things.

I would like to thank my friend Kostis Vassiliadis who helped me to give color and vividness to this blog, which is the result of all the experiences, knowledge and skills I have aquired all these years.

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